Arte Beautiful

Mind Travel

Mind Travel w/Google Earth di Manuela Pace

We’re all afflicted with a heinous curse

Metacognition, now what could be worse?

Than to constantly question the meaning of life?

Eternally asking for answers to “Why?”

What will become of us? Will we evolve?

We seem to create more problems than we solve

Will we be angels above endless sky?

Or do we decay from the moment we die?

Will we become slaves

to machines we create?

Will we succumb

to our penchant for hate?

Will we destroy

our own genetic code?

What will become

of us years down the road?

Can we undo the deal that we struck out of fear?

Raping the globe, sobbing “the end is near!”?

Can we stand to look towards blinding light?

Or will we extinguish it out of spite?

When we kill ourselves off, will all species join?

Does their fate even rest on the flip if a coin?

Or are we already collectively doomed?

Walking-dead marching towards our final tomb?

Even if we erase all the damage we’ve done

Is there any hope left for us under the sun?

For anyone who ever dared to ask why–

For Sweet Love of Planet Earth must we all die?

We’re already dead or never were alive

This life’s an illusion–it’s all just a ride


Why are we here in the first place to ask ourselves “Why?”

What is the purpose, and what is the prize?

Is there some greater goal towards which to aspire?

Do we exist just to fulfill desire?

It’s possible the reason we exist

Is to give subtle texture to times endless mist

It’s possible, that we’re only here

To live, die, evaporate and disappear

Nothing is permanent

We’re only here til we die

There’s no greater answer

To any of life’s questions why

We’re on our way out, we’re going

We’re going to die

There is no grand reason or purpose for being alive

We’re here til we’re not, that’s the end, that’s the nature of life

We’re already dead if we don’t realize this is life

We may as well be dead if we don’t accept this is life

We’re as good as dead because this is what we’ve done with life

We’ve chosen to do nothing greater than this with our lives

Sweet Love For Planet Earth – Fuck Buttons

For Sweet Love of Planet Earth all human beings must die